M.Sc Theses
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  • ZHONG S. (1988) An experimental investigation of calcite and aragonite precipitation rates in seawater as a function of salinity' and its applications to some geological problems. M.Sc. Thesis, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, 122p.

  • HARTLEY, G. (1994) The influence of the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and substrate on the composition and mineralogy of carbonate overgrowths precipitated from seawater. M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 105 pp.

  • DMYTRIW, R. (1994) The partitioning of mercury in the solid components of forest soils and flooded forest soils in a hydroelectric reservoir, Qu?ec. M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 87 pp.

  • MONTGOMERY, S. (1994) Total dissolved mercury in the water column and interstitial waters of aquatic systems and hydroelectric reservoirs of northern Qu?ec (Canada). M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 86 pp.

  • BOIRIDY, M. (1996) Potential chemical remediation of mercury in recently impounded reservoirs. M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 133 pp.

  • RICHARD, L-F. (1997) Comparaison des comportements géochimiques du phosphore et de l'arsenic dans le fjord du Saguenay et l'estuaire du St-Laurent. M.Sc. thesis, Université du Québec à Montréal, 57 pp.(co-supervisor: Dr. Marc Lucotte/UQAM-GEOTOP)

  • BONO A. (1997) Partitioning of mercury between the various solid components of the sediments of the Saguenay Fjord. M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 183 pp.