Assistant Professor

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

McGill University


339 F.D. Adams Building

3450 University Street

Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A7



Tel: 1-514-398-4085

Fax: 1-514-398-4680

E-mail: yajing.liu@mcgill.ca


Earthquake Processes Group







From the perspectives of theoretical, numerical modeling and observational seismology, my research to date has focused on understanding fault mechanical behavior and strength evolution in relation to a range of lithospheric deformation modes, including earthquakes and episodic aseismic slip events, along major plate boundaries.


Current research projects (click for details):


(1) Source mechanism of episodic slow slip events and non-volcanic tremors in subduction zones and their relation to megathrust earthquakes


(2) Pore fluid pressure coupling with frictional strength and slip and application to megathrust ruptures


(3) Effects of subducted seamounts on seismic coupling


(4) Frictional behavior of oceanic transform faults and earthquake scaling characteristics


(5) Dynamic and static stress triggering of shallow fault creep events and earthquakes


(6) Glacier-bedrock sliding process.



Graduate study (M. Sc. and/or Ph.D.) and undergraduate summer project opportunities are available to work on a variety of earthquake and glacier deformation problems. Contact me for further information.