University of Toronto

Physics 140: Foundations of Physics

   2007 Sept - 2008 May      (Teaching Assistant)

Course description: First-year course for students in the Physics specialist program. Topics covered include: kinematics, dynamics, energy, momentum, conservation laws, gravity, special relativity, and electromagnetism.



Physics 151 and 152: Foundations of Physics I and II

   2008 Sept - 2009 May      (Teaching Assistant)

Course description: These were a pair of first-year foundational courses for students in the Physics specialist program. The scope of the course was the same as in Physics 140 listed above, but the format was modified — the tutorial sessions were revised to become computational labs (using python) where students solved complex problems related to the most recent lecture material.



Harvard University

Science of the Physical Universe 22:
The Unity of Science: From the Big Bang to the Brontosaurus and Beyond

   2011 Jan-May      (Head Teaching Fellow and Teaching Fellow)

Course description: This was an undergraduate 'general education' science course aimed towards non-science students. Topics ranged from astronomy to Earth sciences to the origin of life. From the syllabus: “Science is like well-woven, ever-expanding fabric, designed to (un)cover Nature's secrets. This course emphasises the strong connections between subfields of science, showing it as the never-ending and greatest detective story ever told, with evidence always the arbiter. These characteristics are exhibited in the semi-historical treatment of three themes: unveiling the universe, the earth and its fossils, and the story of life. Opportunities include working with Harvard's scientific facilities and making short films.”

(i) Head Teaching Fellow

(ii) Teaching Fellow


Earth and Planetary Sciences 52: Introduction to Global Geophysics

   2012 Sept-Dec      (Teaching Fellow)

Course description: This is a new undergraduate course providing a comprehensive introduction to global geophysics. From the syllabus: “Topics include: plate tectonics, the Earth's composition, thermal state and rheology, mantle convection, the geodynamo, the Earth's gravity field and geodesy, comparative planetology, and (modern and paleo) climate change.”