Structures and Damage Zones

My name is Nils Backeberg and I am currently a PhD candidate studying geology at McGill University, Montreal. I moved to Montreal in 2011 from Cape Town, South Africa, where I studied geology at the University of Cape Town from 2005 - 2011.

My background started in structural geology, mapping large fluidization structures (BSc hons. 2008), moving to geochemistry of dolerite dykes (MSc - 2012) and finally exploration geology working at the MSA Group, where I spent some time evaluating the REE potential of a carbonatite breccia pipe. Now I am back delving into structural geology on the Archean Superior Province looking at the boundary deformation and damage zone between a greenstone belt and a tonalite gneiss dome.

“It took Earth 4.6 billion years to shape itself into its current configuration.
We aim to tell you how that happened”

Finlayson Lake greenstone belt

PhD candidate, McGill

structural geology

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