Research Interest

I have conducted research on both academic and industrial topics.


            - Internal constitution (density, temperature, stress distribution, rheology) of terrestrial planets.

    - Thermal evolution of terrestrial planets

    - Analysis and interpretation of gravity and magnetic fields of terrestrial planets

    - Interaction of mantle plumes with lithosphere.
    - Thermal and magnetic evolution of oceanic lithosphere.
    - Tectonics of the Earth and terrestrial planets.
    - Initiation of subduction

    - Continent-continent collision


- Thermal processes in crystal growing in connection with solar cells.

- Convection in a porous medium, in connection with the natural convection in oil fields.

- The use of wind as a source of energy and as a transmitter of pollution.

- Compilation and analysis of continental and oceanic magnetic data.

Current Research

- Formation of lunar mascons

- Strength of Martian and lunar lithosphere

- Continent-continent collision

- Tectonics of Venus

- NRM pattern of the oceanic lithosphere.

- Initiation of subduction of oceanic lithosphere

- Interaction of mantle plume with oceanic ridge