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Winter 2019

DateTopicPop ups?Notes
Jan 11How group meetings will go!
Introduce everybody
Brainstorm topics for future meetings
Sign up for pop-ups
Meet every week?
Jan 18Critiquing writing of a paper (Carly)Jamie
Jan 25Meeting Cancelled
Feb 1Carly: update from publication rights session
Christie: preparation for skype chat with Lynda Walsh
Feb 8Visual presentation convo with Lynda Walsh from UNRNo popups
Feb 15Follow up discussion to Lynda Walsh chat - everybody bring a figure to share/discussNick Harrichhausen, UCSB
Feb 22Susan and Erin from CaPS to talk about CVs and careersNo pop up
Mar 1Just pop-upsNoah
Mar 8No meeting - spring break woo hoo
Mar 15Individual group meetings this week
Mar 22No meeting; Geotop student conferenceGeotop student conference
Mar 29No meeting; Grad Research Symposium
Apr 5JK: Postdoc applications and funding
Apr 12Faculty at EPS Retreat
Apr 19-- McGill CLosed-- Good Friday
Apr 26Katherine Gombay - Media training workshop. Plan for 1-3:30 workshop.Homework TBD!

Topics to add to calendar:
  • What about a field trip ?
  • AGU/GSA Codes of Conduct
  • Noah to talk about SEM data processing.
  • Media -- talking to journalists
  • Comparing student experiences/science funding and practices in different countries
  • Proposal writing -- postdoc proposals
  • NSERC Panelist discussion (Yi?)
  • Writing journal articles - group conversation about process?
  • Somebody from writing center?
  • EPS Writing TA? Writing in classes/curriculum
  • How to make talks
  • How to make posters?
  • Career stuff
    • CVs
    • Looking for jobs
    • Career center person?
    • Skype talk with an alum who has interesting job?
Generic meeting structure:
  • News/announcements (5 min)
  • Main topic of discussion or presentation (45 min)
  • Pop-up talk (15 min)